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Mother and Daughter

About the course

Mother Daughter Therapy

For moms and daughters 12-18

As a mom, do you feel like it was easier to connect with your daughter when she was younger? Do you find yourselves arguing all the time, or worse yet, avoiding each other whenever possible? Do you often wonder where it all when wrong and how to fix it?

It’s not too late to have a close, healthy, connected relationship with your daughter. 

This course is specifically for moms and daughters who are struggling to communicate and connect. Over the span of 4 sessions, together we will explore:

  • Significant events over the course of your relationships that have affected how you interact with each other.

  • A personality assessment of both mom and daughter to look at how your personality and communication style is affecting your relationship.

  • Critical skills in active listening and communication that will help you resolve your conflicts more effectively.

  • Ideas and strategies for making intentional connection a daily habit in your relationship.

How does it work?

The 4 session package will include:
  • Session 1: 120 minutes. 30 minute intake each with mom and daughter separately. 60 minute session together exploring the presenting problems and the history of your relationship.

  • Session 2: Personality and Communication Style. After completing a personality assessment before the session, we will explore how your individual personalities impact the way you communicate and the way you approach conflict.

  • Session 3: Resolving Conflict. With a focus on active listening skills and mediation techniques, we will practice and role-play the most pressing sources of conflict in your relationship.

  • Session 4: Connection. Together we will brainstorm ideas for building habits of connection, both daily and long-term.

    In total:

  • 1 120-minute intake session

  • 3 additional sessions (see details above) (60 minute sessions)

  • personality assessment analysis

  • individually tailored homework & skill-building activities to complete between sessions

Cost: $650 per mother/daughter pair

(payment plan available)
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