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Mother-Daughter Therapy

Mother and Daughters Cooking

Mother-Daughter Counseling

Mother-daughter relationships are complex, powerful and important relationships in need of nurturing and reclaiming. There exists an incredible possibility of healing for families and communities when mothers and daughters are connected throughout their lives. Biologically linked, bonded through adoption or found later in life, mothers and daughters offer each other opportunities for the necessary re-telling of family stories.

We see girls and mothers together from age 6 and up as well as adult daughters and mothers in their older years. Mothers of daughters ages 10-16 are most in need of staying connected through puberty and adolescence.

Mother/Daughter Communication Counseling

For moms and daughters 12-18

As a mom, do you feel like it was easier to connect with your daughter when she was younger? Do you find yourselves arguing all the time, or worse yet, avoiding each other whenever possible? Do you often wonder where it all went wrong and how to fix it?

It’s not too late to have a close, healthy, connected relationship with your daughter. 

This Communication Counseling package is perfect for moms and daughters who:

  • Bicker, fight and argue regularly.

  • Avoid interacting because the tension and fighting has become overwhelming.

  • Feel like they have nothing in common and nothing to talk about.

  • Love each other unconditionally and want to enjoy a more connected relationship.

Mother's Hug
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